Why is our Persian Ice cream the best?

Hand made saffron ice cream and Faloodeh

We don't own a big factory and don't mass-produce. Our ice cream is handmade. Every cup is packed manually. We're specialized in Persian Ice cream. We make only the best Persian Saffron ice cream and Faloodeh and nothing less!


Pistachio nuts Persian ice cream

Top quality ingredients only

We use natural fresh milk instead of milk powder. This gives you a real creamy taste: You must taste the difference!

Iranian Saffron

natural organic ingredients

We use only manually selected pistachio nuts, the best saffron and real Iranian rosewater. No artificial colors. No preservatives. No fake stuff! Only real natural flavors. You taste the difference!



OUR ICE CREAM is always fresh

When you store (any) ice cream for a long time - although the flavor remains the same - the smoothness and creamy structure of the ice cream deteriorates: A big no-go for Bastani Tehran! For us quality and taste are uncompromising. That is why we make the ice cream only after you order it and generally deliver it the next day.

Taste = flavor + structure

What is PErsian ice cream?

Making Persian (or Iranian) ice cream is a tradition and as well as an art. The traditional recipe observes the following ingredients: real (I mean real) saffron; flakes of frozen cream; rose water; and crunchy pieces of pistachio. The combination of these ingredients is what gives Persian ice cream its unique, delicate and exotic taste. Persian ice cream is also known as Saffron ice cream or Bastani Sonnati. Bastani in farsi means "ice cream".

Traditionally, Persian ice cream is served within two crispy waffles, called "Bastani-e nooni". "Bastani-e nooni" means "ice cream sandwich". Iranians love Bastani-e nooni!

Try our Bastani-e nooni!!



Faloodeh (or Paloodeh) is a frozen sorbet made from rose water, lime, rice vermicelli noodles and Iranian cherry syrup. Faloodeh is very refreshing, especially during those hot summer days.  Many people call the city of Shiraz (also famous for it's wine grapes) the culinary capital of Iran, so it's no surprise that this delightful sorbet is originally from this location. Faloodeh is one of the earliest forms of cold dessert and dates back to as early as 400 BCE.


Bring Persian ice cream and wherever you go people will love you! It’s a Persian custom not to show up empty handed when you are invited to somebody’s home. For us Persians, Bastani (ice cream) contemplates nostalgia, memories of childhood and homeland. Bring Bastani when you visit friends and family and be part of the nostalgia.